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Ethan Ball

Account Executive 

Ethan, a resident of Princeton, WV, serves as an account manager, catering to various companies and motorsport clients. He is adept at creating unique brand identities for his clients and helping them expand their businesses. With a rich experience working in the motorsports sector for several years and collaborating with many Fortune 500 companies, Ethan firmly believes that establishing personal connections is the key to achieving success.

During his college days, Ethan had the opportunity to work with Amazon, which helped him gain valuable experience. Subsequently, he became an event coordinator for NASCAR at Iowa Speedway and later worked at the NASCAR Hall of Fame after completing his graduate degree. Ethan holds an MBA from West Virginia University and a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. On Mountaineer game day, you can find him in the Blue Lot.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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